Tuesday 9 January 2024

Start coding with AWS CodeWhisperer and Visual Studio

If you want to enjoy coding with AI intelligence but cannot use GitHub Copilot due to licensing and all,  try Amazon CodeWhisperer. It's free for personal use. 

Brief documentation you may find on AWS official

  • https://aws.amazon.com/codewhisperer/
  • https://aws.amazon.com/codewhisperer/resources/#Getting_started/
  • https://docs.aws.amazon.com/toolkit-for-visual-studio/latest/user-guide/builder-id.html
Easy steps to enable CodeWhisperer on Visual Studio

1. Install/Update AWS Toolkit for Visual Studio On Visual Studio using the Extensions tab

2. Check Amazon CodeWishperer and then Sign up

3. Verify you have successfully authenticated to AWS Builder ID

4. Now click on Try CodeWishperer with examples, add some comments and press Alt+c.

5. Enjoy the fun. :-)