Sunday 8 October 2017

Popular Law in Computer science

Law of Moore's

In short it states that computing speed of processor will be double and its size will be smaller in every two years. More often periods is accepted as 18 months. Only with the limit, when transistors size will became equivalent of atomic size and still need speed to increase.

Moore's Law, became the golden rule for the electronics industry. 50 years later still industries follow the same to deliver faster, smaller, more affordable transistors.

De Morgan's law

1.The complement of a sum is equal to the product of complement.
2.The complement of a product is the equal to sum of complement.

How its relate in programming 
!(exp1 && exp2)  ==  (! exp1) || (! exp2)
!(exp1 || exp2)  ==  (! exp1) && (! exp2)

Proves of De-Morgans law: