Wednesday 21 September 2016

Design Pattern Step By Step in .Net - 1

  • Design Pattern
    • Design pattern, Is a thought process.
    • No need to implement patterns forcefully, it's come out naturally.
    • Is a Code level diagram, expect code from you.
    • Based on some pseudo code, logic
    • Example, factory, Singleton, Iterator
    • In short we could say that it is time tested or best practices for OOPS, when we will start practically we will able to learn how to implement OOPS and more likely inheritance, abstraction, encapsulation etc.
  • Architecture Pattern
    • Block level diagram
    • Like MVC, UI layer, Model Layer, MVP, MVVM
  • Architecture Style
    • Principles, One liners
    • Like REST, SOA, IOC
    • Its depend upon you how you are following in JAVA or in C#.