Tuesday 23 February 2016

What, how and why VisualSVN with Visual Studio?

  • Allow version and subversion of project with visual studio plugins.
  • Focus of code version control.
  • Easy server setup.
  • Easy client setup.
  • Easy security access for folder and files.
  • Easy chekin / checkout ( commetn and updates )
  • Displays traffic lights :)

How to work with VisualSVN?


  1. 2 computers ( 1 as server, 2nd as client)
  2. Install visualsvn server on server.
  3. Configure VisualSVN server with post 443 or 8443 with https
  4. Choose server SVN repository where all code would be uploaded.

Install visualSVN client in client machine where visual studio installed.
Open a project or create new project
Right Click > add in to SVN source control