Thursday 3 December 2015

TFS configuration step by step

In this article i am going to explore all steps that i followed in order to use TFS (Team foundation server ) as administrator. This will give you details explanation about how to install and configure TFS on your windows server.

1. Install Sql server express 2014.

2. Install Visual studio 2013 ultimate

3. Install TFS and inter serial key.

4. Windows > search > Team foundation server administration console

  • Configure basic for project development and source control for developer user.
  • Configure advance for reporting or share point.
  • Account details: system administrator and password of administrator
  • I did by basic mode but later on, I tried with advance configuration. 
    • Error:- 
    • Invalid Sql instance
      • solution test-server\sqlexpress and tested.
    • Database already exists, solution 
      • Sql server management studio 
      • sql server test-server\sqlexpress 
      • Delete database tfs_configuration and all having prefix tfs_
  • If data tier Ok 
  • Rename Defaultcollection as Ciipl web collection
  • We can configure URL as well there.
  • Finish
  • Now TFS configured and ready to use.

5. Configure Group membership for a project collection

  • Using active domain directory will create a group TFS GROUP
  • And will create many user like tfs_raj, tfs_dk . All tfs_user will be member of TFS GROUP
  • Now in TFS select any project collection and then Group Membership
  • I created a new group tfs_users so I could easily identify them.
  • And now select tfs_users > properties > Windows User or Group add TFS GROUP

6. Create project under project collection

  • Go to visual studio 2013
  • View > team explorer > connect > Enter valid TFS URL
  • Administrator and password.
  • Home > Project and my teams > New project > name () and description .
  • Ok
  • Now we have 
  • Project collection : My website collection
  • Project : My first project
  • Active domain directory group : TFS GROUP (usres tfs_user1, tfs_user2)

7. Create team and assign members

  • Home > Team projects > My first project
  • Settings >  Team projects  > security 
  • Now on web portal Overview > New Team
  • I have created 2 teams Developer & Html designers
  • And inside Developer I added two users tfs_user1, tfs_user2
  • So we have now team and members for the project My first project

8. Configure work space for team project

  • Home > source control explorer > On top Select Workspace combo box [server] create and configure Local 
  • Workspace for you

9. Configure area and iteration, Work area

10. Work iteration

By using area and iteration we would able to control version and could assign task to particular user to particular area. We can set iteration date time.

11. Assign task

  • Home > Work items > create a new task / bugs to > user | area | iteration

User can explore his task Home > setting > My Task / bugs
Working with Solution explorer
For the first time will get latest version on project from source control explorer.
And after modification we use Check in to submit our changes, we can check in with comments. Even we can compare pages.