Friday 28 August 2015

Where to start programming in C#?

Is a common questions for beginner  that where to start coding in c#. Most of beginner always afraid that they will have to remember lot of code and will have to use there brain 110% while coding and resultant would be golden flame, golden flame in smoking and bla bla BLA. Ha ha hA ..hi Hi.

For those who really afraid, be cool and relax because i am developer and never smoke and no need to engage 110% brain always. In our blogging series will bring very easy session with example which will help to do batter programming in C#.
So these are basic terms which should know all to start coding in c#.

what is programming?

Ans: Managing of data.

What is data?

Ans: Set of information.

What is variable?

Ans: Is a memory location where we store the data.

What is data type?

Ans: It define what kinds of data can be store in a variable.

How many type of data types are in Programming?

Ans: Normally 2 types
1. Numeric data type
2. Character data type

What are numeric variables in c#?

 int, float, double, decimal

What are character variables in c#?

char, string